Mission World Partnerships – Haiti and India



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School Partnerships – $228 a year – $20 a month

Children in the developing world desire and want to go to school. 

Sponsoring a child and sponsoring schools creates jobs and empowers communities. 

Sponsoring girls changes communities!

Educated Women use their skills for their children and to better their communities!img_2535img_2459


Mission Waco Mission World has an opportunity to work among a group of very poor first generation settled/nomadic families in South Asia.  After the research trip we found this tribal family group in need of medical care and pre -education for their children.  This means that life is so difficult that everyone is needed for daily survival therefore sending children to school is seen as a luxury not as an investment for their future.  


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We continue to empower families through education for their children in Haiti. 

Sponsorships cost only $228/year ($19 a month)…less than a daily cup of coffee! A parent fills out an application with MWMW giving the details of why they need sponsorship for their child. In Haiti, many of the applicants are widows or women with no husband; life for any single mother is hard but in a village where many of these women have no skills they are barely able to survive. Survival skills include: Collecting water in buckets for drinking, bathing, washing clothes and cleaning; All of their clothes washing is done by hand.  Bartering at the local store for a bit of oil, tomato paste, clove of garlic, pepper, rice and a some beans for the only meal they can afford for the day.


Would you consider sponsoring education initiatives in Haiti or South Asia ? 


(simply designate either INDIA SCHOOL or HAITI SCHOOL in the Comments Box.) 

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Haiti Exposure Trips

Haiti Exposure Trips usually take place in the Spring

About the Haiti Exposure Trip:

The group will travel to and stay in a laid back village community with human, donkey, and solar power.

It is usually hot, there are no mirrors, everyone is beautiful, and all color combinations are welcome.

Come ready with your best soccer and jump rope skills.  Visit with developing leaders, rice growers, water well drillers and many women still in business after finishing a three year Micro Credit Program.

For more information about upcoming Haiti Exposure Trips, please visit our webpage.

Mission World Women’s Micro-Credit Program

This program empowers and puts courage into women’s hearts through traijesulenening in business, prayer, relationship with God and others. 75 women have started businesses!

At this point in time, the Micro Credit program in Haiti has accomplished its goals and we are negotiating what to do next.

Please invest in Micro Credit for Women and stay tuned to new investment opportunities because its fun and because you CAN!

What is Women’s Micro-Credit? Micro-Credit provides low interest loans, with weekly meetings for stability, accountability, and camaraderie to endure life.


Donate  towards new future partnerships (simply designate Micro Credit for Women in the Comments section) or call 254.214.0346 for more information.