Jerry Johnston Creative Arts Memorial Fund



…a Mission Waco opportunity for lower income children and teens

Jerry Johnston loved the arts and the poor. His life showed it. While he played and enjoyed music
sitting on the board among the elite in the Dallas Opera Company, he also remembered the poor
wherever he lived or traveled, creating a home for homeless boys in Bogota, Colombia, serving though
NYC’s City Harvest hunger ministry, and even visiting inmates in the jail ministry with his church. As a local
Waco resident with two Baylor University business degrees and post graduate studies at Duke, he
succeeded in the business world in banking and became one the Top 20 Young Businessmen of Dallas. At
age 57, his earthly struggles ended.

To celebrate his legacy and continue purposeful efforts in keeping with Jerry’s life, friends and his mom
have blessed the creation of a special Jerry Johnston Creative Arts Memorial Fund through Mission Waco
to allow those who loved and respected him a way to express their appreciation for his life.
Mission Waco/Mission World, Inc. is a 23-year old ministry in Waco, TX, that serves thousands and
empowers the poor and marginalized, both locally and globally. The organization has received several
accolades for it work with the homeless, unemployed, addicted, mentally ill, and uninsured, as well as
hundreds of low-income children and youth.

As a component of Mission Waco’s work in a formerly blighted neighborhood, they have restored a
historic community theater to train urban adults and youth in performing arts, created Urban Expressions
for visual arts, and dreamed of offering dance and music programs for lower-income children and youth.
Jubilee Theatre has become recognized in the Waco community for its dramatic plays and social stands
against injustices, which affect the poor and marginalized. In addition, the arts have become significant
tools to build self-images and expressions of dealing with the struggles of life. As Jerry knew, the arts are
not just for the privileged.

Your donations to Mission Waco for the Jerry Johnston Creative Arts Memorial will be designated for
the sole purpose of using arts for the poor and marginalized. Not only will new activities be created, such
as guitar, dance and music lessons for the lower-income, these sacrificial gifts will be a testimony to others
of the privilege and responsibility to allow those who struggle with daily needs to enjoy special
performances and field trips to see exhibits and performances that inspire hope and instill creativity.
On behalf of those caring friends and family, we say thank you for joining this special opportunity to
remember Jerry and make a difference in the lives of others.


All donations to the Mission Waco “Jerry Johnston Creative Arts Memorial Fund” are tax deductible

based on IRS guidelines. Mission Waco is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Please designate your

check on online gift as “Johnston Memorial Fund.” Send to Mission Waco, 1315 N. 15th St, Waco, TX

76707, or go to and donate online.