It is Christ’s Love and Compassion that compels us to identify with the poor,

the widow, the orphan, the homeless, the downtrodden, the hungry,

the naked, the lost, the sick, the lonely, the forsaken, the needy, the broken. 

When you see the need are you compelled with the Compassion of Jesus? 



Poverty Simulation Dates

Friday 8 p.m – Sunday 3 p.m.

Fall 2017

Sept 15-17 – limited space available

Sept 29-Oct 1 – space available

Oct 13-15 – FULL (if all pending groups confirm reservations)

Nov 3-5 – limited space available

Nov 10-12 – NEW DATE ADDED!

Spring 2018

Jan 26-28 – FULL (if all pending groups confirm reservations)

Feb 16-18 – FULL (if all pending groups confirm reservations)

Mar 23-25 – space available

Apr 6-8 – space available

Apr 20-22 – space available

Summer 2018

June 8-10 – space available

June 22-24 – space available

July 13-15 – space available

In 1986, Jimmy and Janet Dorrell created the Poverty Simulation for a youth group whose youth pastor wanted to give practical experience along with the scripture knowledge so they could apply it to their lives.

Thus, the Poverty Simulation was created! This weekend challenged the students to see the world through different eyes.  Scripture and doctrine become real and alive for both students and leaders who participate in the weekend. We have been offering this form of discipleship for thirty years.

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Click here to find the Poverty Simulation Agreement form online (This agreement includes information regarding payments, cancellations, refunds, etc.)  Do not complete this until we have confirmed space is available for you.


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Cost is $69 per person – 1 free person with 15 paying.

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Our Address  628 N. 15th  Waco, Texas 76707 map here 





Age requirements: Students  finish 8th grade unless with a parent, then young ones can come).


Families of all ages are WELCOME! Many families have gone through the weekend.


Bring sponsors that are passionate because the youth only go as far as the adults go.


This is a safe weekend.

We also ask that you make sure participants know they are coming to a Poverty Simulation weekend — nomystery trips“!


Letter for Leaders