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Transformation of our beliefs, attitudes and actions is a challenging journey. For over twenty years, Mission Waco has offered poverty simulations and summer “plunge” programs that engage “orthodoxy” (right beliefs) and “orthopraxis” (right actions) together around the issues of poverty. We have watched God’s transforming process “turn the light on” for many students and adults to destroy old myths and understand the realities of poverty and the biblical call to action on behalf of the poor. As we expanded our summer program, our reason is to not just to make room for more participants, but primarily to offer deeper transformative experiences and discussions around other critical social issues which youth and adults alike need to face. These will include:

Along with learning comes serving!  Every year, we welcome over 40 groups with about 1,000 people and 10,000 hours of help from the various youth, college and adult groups who came for multi-day or single day projects. Thanks so much! That is the equivalent of over 5 full-time staff to help maintain buildings, relate with neighborhood kids, etc. These groups are in addition to our regular volunteer base.

Multi-Day or One-Day Groups

Multi-Day Groups

Please read the Group Info and Rates for information about typical schedule, learning topics, available dates, lodging/meal rates, etc. 

Our training center is available for group housing. There are 2 dorm areas, each with 24 bunks/2 showers/toilets/sinks. The building also has a meeting room, kitchen, fenced back yard and parking.

See the 2017-18 Group T-shirts! The design is celebrating our 25th anniversary!

One-Day Groups

Aside from multi-day/overnight groups we also welcome individuals or groups for one-day projects. Groups participate in everything from cleaning, mowing, painting, sanding, construction, and special projects like the annual Toy Store, and Back-To-School Store.

See Ideas for Service At Mission Waco to see a variety of ways your group can connect with Mission Waco Mission World for serving, learning, and supporting our ministry.

Service Projects


To begin the inquiry process, please fill complete the Groups Inquiry form below to tell us about your group, preferred days of service, etc..

After we have confirmed date(s) with you:
Release of Liability form:  All group participants (youth and adults) must complete a Release of Liability/Permission Form.    Please distribute these before the trip (parent/guardian must sign for those under 18), and bring the completed forms with you to the work site.

What to bring:  Participants should wear appropriate clothing: shoes that cover their whole foot (no flip flops or slip-in shoes), and no spaghetti strap tops, revealing or tight clothing, clothing with messages that are not consistent with Christian values. It is helpful if each participant brings a water bottle and work gloves.

Group Numbers:  Please confirm your numbers with us about a week prior to your visit so that we can plan content and volunteer service projects accordingly.

See what others group leaders have said:

“Out of all the places I’ve ever taken students over the last 25 years, I believe I’ve seen more life impacting experiences with what God did in kids when they were with Mission Waco than anywhere else.”
Randy Riggins, Rock Pointe Church, Flower Mound, TX

“This experience taught the youth and let them serve in multiple ways. Amazing week!”
Maizeanne Scarpati, St. Cuthbert Episcopal, Houston, TX

“We believe that you all have an inspiring and moving approach to urban ministry, and look to you as an example and hope for what Skid Row in L.A. could someday develop.”
Christine Liewald and Brian Coleman, student leaders, Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA

“Getting back today and trying to move back into Middle -Class America has been difficult for me this morning. My heart keeps going back to those beautiful kids on Saturday morning and all the wonderful friends we met both Saturday night and Sunday morning. Once again, God has open our eyes and our hearts to see that which we often choose to ignore.”

Diane Whetson, First United Methodist Church, Keller, TX

“What an excellent way to educate youth and adults about systems of injustice, poverty, local and global socioeconomic issues and religious and political issues. The combination of the Poverty Simulation and summer work week was life-changing.”
Kathy Pickett, Holmeswood Baptist Church, Kansas City, MO

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