Youth Summer Programs

The Youth Summer Program meets from 2-5PM in June and July.  The summer program is a lot of fun and community building.  We try to accomplish this through:


This time of Bible Study, discussion, or group building is important to set the tone of what we’re trying to do here.  We want the youth to feel safe, and loved in both our presence but more importantly in God’s presence.

Team Sports Programs

We strive to build teamwork and perseverance through learning skills and working together as a team in Basketball and Volleyball.  We work early in the Summer on building skills and later we play tournaments.

Arts Programs

Through fine art, crafts, and music, we try to expand minds and encourage self-expression.  The youth will have fun, learn new skills, and have finished projects from their work during the summer.

Here’s a rough track of what we put out this summer from our music class.  This song was written and performed solely by our summer youth program youth. Download the song here.  (right-click and select “save link as”)

Read to Succeed

It’s summer.  We don’t want the youth to feel like they’re still in school, but we also want to keep their minds running.  Reading is a great, laid back way to keep the minds of our young people stimulated.


We end with a “snack supper” type of dinner (corn dogs, nachos).