Mpowerment Youth Job Training

Mpowerment Youth Job Training

April 22, 2021

Foundations for Success

Created for youth ages 16-19 who are ready to enter the workforce but don’t have the skills yet, our Youth Job Training program equips participants with soft skills and life skills necessary for success, both in the workplace and the community. Our vision is centered around character formation because of how essential it is for community impact. This program runs during both the school year and the summer and consists of three phases, beginning with job training and culminating with job placement: 

Phase 1: Training

Two weeks of classroom instruction, Monday through Thursday, including workplace site visits on Fridays with a meal provided. Each class combines soft skills, resume building, and group discussion and exercises designed to challenge core beliefs, spur reflection and create unity among the class. 

Phase 2: Experience

After the classes, students will be placed at partnering job sites to work up to 60 hours of paid subsidized employment. Work at these job sites will be paid for by Mission Waco. Students will likely work 15-20 hours per week, depending on their availability and operating hours at each partnering job site.

Phase 3: Placement

When students complete their temporary employment, they will continue to meet at scheduled times with the Youth Job Training staff to stay accountable for finding permanent employment. Once permanent employment is obtained, students will meet with Youth Job Training staff as needed to check in and discuss relevant issues faced at the youth’s job, school and home life. 

Our 5 Commitments

  1. Change. We are committed to our transformation, along with a commitment to transform the world around us. 
  2. Growth. We are committed to character, personal, and vocational growth that will testify to holistic transformation. 
  3. Challenge. We fully embrace challenge as a tool for our strength, not as a weapon for your destruction. 
  4. Self-Awareness. We will explore how your strengths can be gifts to the community and how to develop weaknesses so that we can constantly become better. 
  5. Character Formation. Exploration, discovery and knowledge of core values will impact and form your identity.

If you have a teenager who is interested in gaining experience in the workforce, email Sam Doyle ([email protected]).

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