Janet Dorrell




Janet Dorrell

June 17, 2021

Janet Dorrell serves as director over Mission World. She grew up in Oklahoma and attended Baylor University where she received her Bachelors of Science and Education degree. For 15 years she homeschooled her four children. Traveling the world, she later embarked on her anthropological thesis research in Punjab, India among nomadic peoples and received her Masters of Science in 2002 from Baylor.

Janet currently teaches at Baylor University while leading exposure trips to India, Haiti and Mexico City. 

For fun, Janet celebrates life with her husband, Jimmy. She loves to visit her grown children and be on mission together with them.   She has four children and 11 grandchildren. Her oldest son, Seth died suddenly of colon cancer in 2013.  Her children and their spouses, Josh and Danielle, Zach and Jackie, and Christy and Angelo bring her immense joy as well as the grandchildren, Zoe, Finley, Zane, Nielah, Zeke, Angelo, Ziah, Miley, Katherine Ivy, Evelyn, and Andrés Seth. She loves training Magic, her miniature horse and playing with her dog, Samwise.  She likes bowling.