Janet Dorrell




Janet Dorrell

June 17, 2021

     Janet Dorrell is co-founder of Mission Waco with her husband Jimmy Dorrell. She serves now as Director of Mission World.  At 20 years old she started living among the poor in Ft. Worth, Detroit, Waco, Mexico City, Haiti and India. She received her Bachelors and Masters of Science Baylor University.

"My heart has yearned and ached for those who live without the knowledge of the Kingdom of God in all its wonder.  Poverty is life without hope where injustice is daily eaten for breakfast because you are poor.  Poverty of Spirit is living without the knowledge that you are loved.  To advocate and stand up for others without a voice is building the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.  Spend yourself on behalf of the poor so they may taste and see the Lord is good as you build the Kingdom in their midst.

     Choosing to see and live among "invisible" people is a gift from God. Half of the world's population live without justice, mercy, hope, peace or love. Mission World exists to "stand up and bring others to hear freedom calling and feel it in their bones - who the son sets free will be free indeed!  Advocacy is using the gifts we are given to shine into the darkness of others .