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Mission Statement

Provide Christian-based, holistic, relationship-based programs that empower the poor and marginalized. Mobilize middle-class Americans to become more compassionately involved among the poor. Seek ways to overcome the systemic issues of social injustice which oppress the poor and marginalized.

I AM Mission Waco    Mission Waco: 25 Years of Service

Upcoming Events

Mission Waco annual Christmas Toy Store coming soon…. Parents Sessions next week!



Mission Waco Receives #1 Non-Profit Choice (again!)

Waco Tribune Herald Readers Honor Urban Ministry 

We love our jobs at Mission Waco/Mission World and that alone makes getting up in the morning worthwhile. So we are always humbled when others in our own community affirm our efforts to bring good news to the poor and empower the marginalized. Recently we received notification that the readers of the Waco Tribune Herald once again voted us as their their number one choice in the non-profit category. There are numerous non-profit organizations in Waco doing outstanding work that we applaud, who are equally deserving of honor. We are privileged to collaborate with so many of them in our common call to serve others. Thanks to you who voted!

Thanksgiving Day With the Homeless

Volunteers join in worship, service and games (Sorry! No more room for volunteers.)

About 100 homeless men and women will meet at 11:00am with Mission Waco volunteers on Thanksgiving Day to thank God for his blessings. After an hour of singing, prayer and sharing about his goodness, we will gather to eat an incredible “home-cooked” meal provided and served by volunteers and local donors. We end the event with some games of bingo and fun. Thanks to all of you who have donated funds, food, and time. We’re all thankful!


World Cup Café & Fair Trade Mkt Get “Honorable Mention”

Holiday parties and shopping setting record year 

The World Cup Café and Fair Trade Market has experienced it’s best year yet. Noted by TripAdvisor and other social media groups as “Waco’s best breakfast,” the restaurant draws crowds from all over Waco and beyond. Recently, readers of the Waco Tribune Herald voted the restaurant “honorable mention,” which is quite a distinction with so many good restaurants in our community. So while you are looking for a place to have your next meeting, party or just a unique place to buy handcrafted items from all over the world, come see us at 1321 N. 15th Street at Colcord Ave. You can make group reservations by calling 254.757.1748.

Christmas Toy Store Opens for Low-Income Families

Biker Toy Run Heads to 19 Churches for Collection on Nov 23

The Sunday morning after Thanksgiving, scores of bikers will hit the road at 8:00am from Flying J, headed to 19 local churches who have collected new, unwrapped toys for the children of lower-income families to “purchase” at an 80% discount at Mission Waco’s annual Christmas Toy Store. The “store” opens on December 1-2 for parents only who have attended a parent-meeting and receive a voucher. Parents get the dignity to shop for their own children and youth and put their gifts under their own Christmas tree. Want to provide a gift? You can drop off toys at our office, 1315 N. 15th, between 8:30-5:00, Monday through Friday.


Manna House “Graduates Celebrate Sobriety at Reunion

Annual November Gathering of Men’s Residential Treatment Program

Each year there is a day like few others for numerous men who successfully completed Mission Waco’s faith-based, alcohol/drug addiction program. Many come from other communities “back home” to stand with their peers who daily are overcoming addictions. They eat together, laugh, share stories and remind each other to remain strong in their convictions to live lives free of substance abuse. Because of our local donors who support the program, it is open without cost to most low-income McLennan County residents and at a nominal cost (based on bed-space) for residents outside the county. We celebrate these men who have been transformed, one day at a time.

Jubilee Food Mkt Expands “Oasis Loyalty Cards” To Entire Community

Competitive Prices, Quality and Convenience Attracting More Customers to Non-profit Grocery

Customers love deals and we got ‘em! Mission Waco’s non-profit grocery store offers neighbors, living within one-mile of the store, $5 back on their Oasis Loyalty Card for each $25 of purchases. Now, the entire community outside the one-mile area, can get $3 off on their card. If you have not yet shopped at the store, located a 1505 N. 15th at Colcord Ave, come get your card and see for yourself. We’ve got everything from grass-fed beef to the best price in town for Blue Bell ice cream.



Poverty Simulation Dates Set Through Spring  ‘18

One weekend can change your life! 

One-half of the world lives on less that $2/day. 21,000 children under the age of five die daily. We live in a world of need that can be overwhelming. But one weekend, Friday evening at 8:00 through Sunday at 2:30pm can transform your views and purpose in life. Just ask any of the 25,000 participants who have attended this weekend. Details and costs are listed at the link above. Dates do fill up, so make your reservation soon!

Fall 2017

Nov 10-12 – space available

Spring 2018

Jan 26-28 – possibly have space avail – -please inquire if interested

Feb 16-18 – FULL (if all pending groups confirm reservations)

Mar 23-25 – space available

Apr 6-8 – space available

Apr 20-22 – space available

Summer 2018

June 8-10 – space available

June 22-24 – space available

July 13-15 – space available


Grand Opening of Urban R.E.A.P. 

See photos of the Opening on our facebook page here


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