My Brothers Keeper Homeless Shelter

My Brother’s Keeper chronic homeless shelter operated by Mission Waco is located at 1217 Mary Street behind Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore. Applications for the shelter are taken at the Meyer Center (1226 Washington). Call the Meyer Center at 254-296-9866 for more info. Once an application is on file applicants must request a bed on a daily basis at the Meyer Center. Chapel services are M-F from 7:00-7:45pm. Contact Trent to volunteer for a chapel service.


1. Beginning 1/1/08, there will be some important improvements to the social services delivery that will encourage and promote empowerment, dignity and personal responsibility among the participants we are privileged to serve.

2. Applicants for “My Brother’s Keeper” emergency homeless shelter will qualify for three “free” nights at the shelter. Beginning the 4th night through the 30th night, there will be a $2/night fee, which also includes breakfast.  After 30 days, bed fees go to $5/night, for a total of 63 days. Some exceptions may be made after meeting with the Social Worker or Director and it is determined that an extension or waiver is best for the participant.


“Cold weather nights” at the shelter are open to anyone, regardless of ability to pay. We will post a designated color on the windows of the Meyer Center and MBK by 5:30p.m. The weather will be forecast to be 35 degrees or colder OR 40 degrees with rain or excessive wind chill factor. On those nights, everyone needing shelter will be bedded somewhere.
Those with special needs (mental or physical disability; etc) who do not currently receive any government support may meet with the Social Worker  to determine if eligible for shelter stay,and for a voucher pass.
The staff will create 10 “volunteer jobs” with job descriptions (about 45 minutes/day of work for 5 days/wk) that shelter folks can apply for and which guarantee them a bed  through the first 60 days. During this time participants should be working towards self-sufficiency by obtaining a job, or working towards getting benefits.  Anyone needing shelter should be focused on working to get into their own place.  (via job training program, getting benefits, etc.).
There can be exceptions made by the social worker meeting with them if he/she determine that it is in the best interest for the participant’s empowerment.

3. Those who did not stay in the shelter will not be allowed to eat breakfast.  Breakfast is for shelter residents only..

4. The Mon/Tues lunch is also only provided to shelter residents.  We do not serve meals to the general public.

5. After the first free clothing voucher, participants must pay $1 for each voucher per person, unless exempted by the Social Worker.

6. The Meyer Center Clinic (Tuesday/Thursday evenings) will cost $2/per visit. Exceptions made only with chaplain and social worker. (Note: The Family Health Center/Family Practice Meyer Center Clinic has its own fee schedule.)

Those who are working will be encouraged to move into the Extended Stay Program.